A142D repair

Key features of A142D

Phonebook: 100 numbers / Vibrator / IP50 / Headset jack / Hands-free function / Battery: 3 AAA rechargeable batteries / Charge time: 6h max


ADLC offers 2 types of services to its customers:

  • The electronic repair of the DECT without changing any aesthetic part, allowing us to offer an economical and reliable service.
  • The standard swap with a refurbished product from the manufacturer. With this service, it is not only the insurance to have a new looking product but also the opportunity to significantly increase the life span of your DECT fleet.

No A142d is declared unrepairable, especially in cases of irreversible damage to the electronic board.

The A142d DECT is available in several product codes:

A142dN, ATD0018A, ATD0018B

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