Traffic control

Road equipment repair: our offer

ADLC offers repair services for traffic management equipment

Fixed price


ADLC repairs in D+8 on a fixed-price basis a wide range of equipment (cards, sub-assemblies) intended for road and highway traffic management:

  • ECS Emergency Call Stations in copper, optical fiber and GSM, including the supply of the front panel for Saintronic products
  • VMS (Picto cards, UC cards)
  • Cameras (dome, turret) and video recorders for road surveillance
  • ALPR Automatic License Plate readers
  • Safety lighted beacons for tolls
  • Electronic toll collection (ETC)
  • Presence detectors for parking lots

ADLC's advantages

Online tracking of orders
Customizable statistics
Use of original parts
6 months warranty
Repair of complex products

The main brands handled

Since 2012, ADLC has been a repair center for EMOVIS emergency call stations: CASO, Arsec 20, Ciou 1 and Ciou 2, Casig, Moai, Hypert, APL, …

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