Your professional electronic products repair and after-sales specialist

Our mission: to extend the life of your electronic equipment at the best economic conditions

Our services

Specialized in electronic component repair, our associated services respond to all the stages of the life cycle of a product under repair. As a true after-sales service outsourcing tool, our customers and partners rely on our know-how by choosing the services that are best suited to them.

Who can benefit from our services?


of electronic products or products incorporating electronic subassemblies

Extend the life of your products and reduce your environmental footprint.

Focus your energy on your core business.

Guarantee a high level of service all year round.

On-site maintainers

of equipment and infrastructure incorporating electronics

Optimize your after-sales costs by benefiting from fixed prices up to 80 % off the new.

Pool your shipments with a multi-product and multi-brand service provider.

Stand out from your competitors by offering innovative and ecological solutions.

End users

of electronic products who are autonomous in their maintenance

Rely on the expertise of a recognized player in your field of activity.

Benefit from advantageous prices compared to a new product.

Participate at your level in the reuse of your electronic equipment

Clear commitments to our

Fixed repair

Adapted processing

Warranty up to 24 months adapted to the market requirements.

Quality of repair
guaranteed by
test benches

Personalized commercial


ADLC’s identity: producing services that extend the useful life of electronic products

Thus, ADLC contributes to the development of solutions resulting from the circular economy


After several months without convivial moments because of COVID, the Paris and Lyon teams met Thursday, June 23 for a dinner to mark the beginning of summer and the pleasure of sharing a good time.

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