Biodyn12 Repair: functional tests and preventive components replacements

Based on a functional test bench connected with a asynchronous motor and on a “more than 10 years” track record, ADLC’s engineers developed a complete test process and repair operations including preventive components replacements in order to reliable our intervention and to extend your Biodyn 12 lifetime.

Using a drive refurbished by ADLC, means:
– Being sure that your repaired product is very reliable
– Encouraging the ecologic policy within privileging the electronic recycling

The Biodyn 12 drive (manufacturer codes: 59400864, 59410012, 59400891, 59410986) is available through our 3 services levels: Advanced Swap, Express Repairs & Stock Repairs.

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Find out in details main products references repaired by our teams:

Biodyn 25



59400864 – 59410012 – 59400891 – 59410986